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Thursday, April 24th, 2014

2013-2014 Distingishued Graduate

St. Joseph Catholic School is excited to announce Mrs. Ashley Dugas Notariano as our 2014 Distinguished Graduate. 

Mrs. Notariano is a 1988 graduate of SJS and has taken a position as part of the faculty this school year. 

Mrs. "Note", as she is fondly known, has 16 years of teaching experience, a master's degree from Southeastern, and is nationally board certified. 

She and her husband Stephen have two children, Stephen and Christopher. She is the daughter of Louis and Catherine Dugas.

Tangi Celebs

Congratulations to three alumni who were featured in the latest issue of Tangi Lifestyles

Jeff LeSaicherre’s law firm is the cover story. Jeff has two children at St. Joseph and is a member of the St. Joseph School Advisory Board. 

Rachel Bougere Arteaga is joining Jeff at his law firm. She is also a lawyer and working towards her CPA certification. 

Dr. April Austin Sandifer is an OB/GYN who has an excellent article on vaccinations. 

We are pleased to see the SJS graduates having such success.

Luke Bleakley - North Oaks Athlete of the Month

From left are St. Thomas Head Baseball Coach B.J. Corr, North Oaks Sports Medicine Supervisor Jeff Schmitt, student-athlete Luke Bleakley, North Oaks Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer Vanessa Taromina and St. Thomas Head Football Coach John White.

North Oaks Sports Medicine is shining the spotlight on Luke Bleakley (SJS 2010) and Krystal Waddell (SJS 2011) as "Student-Athletes of the Month" for September.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School senior Luke Bleakley is a member of both the football and baseball teams. He is the leading receiver for the school with 18 receptions for 380 yards and 9 touchdowns. He is an honor student, and a student leader who was selected as a student ambassador. He is a member of National Honor Society and Beta Club, and has been instrumental in organizing the school’s Campus Ministry’s Light Team.

Krystal Waddell - North Oaks Athlete of the Month

From left are North Oaks Sports Medicine Supervisor Jeff Schmitt, student-athlete Krystal Waddell, Cheerleading Sponsor Elizabeth Vineyard and Principal Danny Strickland.

North Oaks Sports Medicine is shining the spotlight on Luke Bleakley (SJS 2010) and Krystal Waddell (SJS 2011) as "Student-Athletes of the Month" for September.

Krystal Waddell, a Ponchatoula High School junior, is a cheerleader. She is also a member of Student Council, Key Club, and volunteers for Special Olympics each year. Her coach shares that she recently demonstrated her leadership abilities at a charity event on short notice by choreographing stunts, cheering, dancing and tumbling.

Homecoming Queen and Courts

Congratulations to Colleen Atkins (SJS 2010) for being crowned as Homecoming Queen 2013 for Ponchatoula High School. Colleen is the daughter of Christie and David Atkins.

Also congratulations to Calyn Landaiche (SJS 2010), a senior member of the PHS court.

We're also proud of our alumni members of the St. Thomas Aquinas High School homecoming court: Andrew Killebrew (SJS 2010), Eric Alphonso (SJS 2010), and Lauren Hebert (SJS 2012).

Girls State/Boys State & SJS

.SJS Alumni (Class of 2010) were honored at the Girls/Boys State awards ceremony at the American Legion on Thursday, September 5. The ceremony celebrated the accomplishments and offices held at State in Natchitoches, LA this past June.

Six of the seven students chosen to represent Ponchatoula at Girls/Boys State are SJS grads. The students are, from left, Alexa LeSaicherre, Aaron Basso, Austin Henderson, Timothy Poche, Jake Kraft and Colleen Atkins.. They are also all currently serving on the National Honor Society at Ponchatoula High.

We are extremely proud of these students.

2013 Honor Grads

St. Joseph Catholic School is proud to announce the 2013 alumni senior honor graduates.

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Ponchatoula High School are Scott Felder, Taylor Ransom, and Luke Yoes.

Graduating as Salutarian from St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Catholic High School is Kaitlin Farkas.

All of these students are from the SJS Class of 2009.

Way to go, Crusaders!

Our Honor Grads

We are in need of other names to complete our list. If you know of (or are yourself), a graduate of St. Joseph Catholic School and a valedictorian, salutatorian, or summa cum laude graduate from high school, please add your name to our list by contacting

Scott Felder - Summa Cum Laude - Ponchatoula High School (PHS)
Taylor Ransom - Summa Cum Laude - PHS
Luke Yokes - Summa Cum Laude - PHS
Kaitlin Farkas - Salutatorian - St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Catholic High School (STA)

Maria Alphonso - Valedictorian - STA
Phillip Ernst - Valedictorian - PHS
Jake Lipps - Valedictorian - PHS
Christine Pevey - Valedictorian - PHS

Michael Davis - National Merit Scholar - STA
Katie Ryals - Salutatorian - PHS

Christopher Ekker - Valedictorian - STA
Ashton Landry - Valedictorian - PHS
Emily Pevey - Valedictorian - PHS
Cody Schmatlz - Valedictorian - PHS

Jenna Quinn - Valedictorian - PHS
Kelsey LeSaicherre - Honors Diploma - St. Joseph Academy

Chelsea Herrick - Valedictorian - PHS
Emily Nickens - Valedictorian - PHS
Theresa Pevey - Valedictorian - PHS

Logan Davis - Valedictorian - PHS
Aimee Kolwe - Valedictorian - PHS
Chad Mitchell - Valedictorian - PHS
Stephanie Stevens - Valedictorian - PHS
Meghan Zayas - Valedictorian - PHS

Ashley Herrick - Valedictorian - PHS
Leslie James - Valedictorian - PHS
Megan Roberts - Valedictorian - PHS
Jennifer Stevens - Valedictorian - PHS

Shanna Mitchell - Valedictorian - PHS

Nicole Theriot - Valedictorian - PHS

2012-2013 Distinguished Graduate

The Catholic Commentator - January 25, 2013

Catholic Schools Week January 27 - February 2, 2013 page 18B

by by Laura Deavers, Editor and Barbar Chenevert, Staff Writer

Courtney Hotard Roth, whose incredible faith has inspired the community of Ponchatoula, is being honored by St. Joseph School.

Both accepted God's will when her child, Tripp, was born with epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic disorder that affects 1 in 50,000 people. Tripp was missing skin on much of his body and what skin he did have was fragile and would easily erode. He was missing a protein that binds one layer of skin to another. Roth gave up a nursing career to care for her child, who died in January 2012 at the age of 2 years and 8 months. 

"To me, my Catholic education was more than just religion class. It was an environment of discipline, love and learning to respect others. My Catholic education not only taught me how to love God, but how to love myself and others as well. It has made me the person I am today. And for that, I am very grateful," said the 2000 graduate of St. Joseph.

School officials said Rother has blessed the community, church parish, school and the world with a visible example of how to graciously accept God's will. Her incredible faith has united the entire community in prayer, compassion and hope to form a bond of love around one of God's precious angels.

Roth is the author of a popular blog title "EB"ing a Mommy. She won first place in a Reader's Digest "Your Life" Contest and received a 2011 Moms Who Are Changing the World Award for and was named one of ABC's Personal Heroes of 2011. She received the 2012 Spirit Award for DebRA, a fund raising group for EB, and spoke at the annual DebRA event in New York.

Our Past Distinguished Graduates

1996 Dr. Randolph Howes
1997 Deacon Larry Melancon
1998 Mr. Dennis James
1999 Mr. Danny Heitman
2000 Mrs. Barbara Allen
2001 Dr. Larry Ernst
2002 Mrs. Kim Zabbia
2003 Mrs. Barbara Martino
2004 Mr. Charles “Buddy” Pugh
2005 Mrs. Shirley Johnson
2006 Mrs. Ruth Ourso
2007 Mr. William Corbett
2008 Sr. Ancilla Roussel
2009 Mr. Raymond Braun
2010 Capt. Thomas Waller, Jr.
2011 Mrs. Jackie Mitchell 
2012 Representative Stephen Pugh
2013 Mrs. Courtney Hotard Roth
2014 Mrs. Ashley Dugas Notariano

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